Ratiaria Semper Floreat

Vol. I
RATIARIA And Its Territory
Sofia 2014
Editor-In-Chief: Prof. Dr. Habil. Rumen Ivanov
ISSN 2367-4903
406 pages, 51 maps, 127 photos, 45 tables of small finds


Svetoslav Georgiev
Heritage At Risk. What Kind of Measures does the System of Cultural Heritage Preservation Foresee? The Case "Ratiaria" (BG / ENG)

Rumen Ivanov
Ratiaria – Written Sources, History, Urban Territory and Borders during the Principate and the Dominate. (BG)

Krassimira Luka
Colonia Ulpia Traiana Ratiaria.The Rediscovery of the Ancient City. (ENG)

Rumen Ivanov
Ratiaria-Archar and Bononia-Vidin in Some Historical and Geographical Weste-European Maps from the end of 14th - 18th century. (BG)

Vladimir P. Petrović, Vojislav Filipović, Krassimira Luka
The Roman Road Naissus - Timacum Maius – Timacum Minus – Conbustica – Ratiaria. (ENG)

Rumen Ivanov
Bricks and Tiles from Ratiaria and its Urban Territory. (BG)

Anna Haralambieva
Fibulae from the Territory of Ratiaria. (BG)

Kalin Stoev
New Epigraphic Monuments from Ratiaria and its Territory. (BG)

Krassimira Luka
Technological Characteristics of the Pottery from an Early Roman Military Dwelling and Late Roman Levels in Conbustica (Combustica) near the Village of Kladorub, Dimovo Municipality. (BG)

In Memoriam - Spas Mashov (BG)

Spas Mashov
Roman Villa Rustica near the Village Urvene, Krivodol Municipality. (BG)

Georgi Ganetsovski
In Memory of my Colleague Spas Mashov (BG)