The Early-Christian Church in Ochin Dol

The village of Ochindol is 8 km away from the main road Sofia-Mezdra and is situated up in the mountains. It is small and picturesque and offers the visitor the quietness and the charm of the authentic well-preserved rustic everyday life and traditions.

The present day village is a successor of an important settlement, which existed throughout the Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages. On the most elevated place in the village, which offers a splendid panoramic view, there is an Early-Christian church. Except for its remote location deep in the mountains, the church is remarkable for its unique layout. It resembles a cross, three of the arms of which end in apsides.

The baptistery of this ancient church is completely preserved, as well as the huge baptismal font, made of a single block of marble. In the nave several exquisite columns could also be seen, which were part of the alter fence.


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