The Thracian tumulus from the Roman period near Harmanly

Our knowledge about the material and spiritual culture of the Thracians is based to a great extent on investigating the tumuli which are the closed archaeological complexes. On the basis of the burials it is possible to observe a preserved ritual related to one of the most important events in the Tracians' life - the death. The reconstruction of all details of the burial practices is a very important task allowing us to approximate the ideology of these tribes died out from a long time.

Despite of having inconsiderable dimensions (diameter - 20 m and height - 3 m), the investigated tumulus proved to be a source of many findings which are very interesting and significant from scientific point of view. The tumulus contained two burials - both made by cremating. A notable deceased was burnt on the funeral-pile situated in the center of the tumulus. The discovered findings - arrows, spears, knifes prove that the deceased was a man. Many ceramic vessels were placed in the tumulus as a funeral gift. Very interesting hand-made ceramic vessels were found in the funeral-pile as well.


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