Since 2000 the BAA implemented or partnered to several projects:

2000 - "Harmanlyiska cheshma - risk excavations released by students team from Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" (Open Society Foundation).

2001 - "Localization of the archaeological sites in the area of Vratsa district" (Open Society Foundation).

2001 - Realisation of an Exhibition "Copies of the Antique pottery examples, discovered in Roman funeral tumulus near town of Harmanly", September 7 - 16, Gallery of foreign arts Sofia (Open Society Foundation). For the exhibition was published a special education book target to the young people "What do you know about … Tumulus" (Sofia, 2001)

2003 - "International archaeological summer camp Mezdra 2003" (South - East European Youth Network).

2003 - "ARCHAEOLOGIA IUVENTA" - students researches in Archaeology (Open society Foundation).

2004 - Organisation of the "Archaeological excavations - Mezdra 2002-2003". Publishing of the popular science book devoted to the archaeological heritage in Mezdra area "The Antique monuments in Mezdra district" (Mezdra 2004).

2004-2005 - "Studies on the first Agricultural civilization in Bulgaria. Ohoden-Valoga" (National fund "Culture", Ministry of Education and Science).

2007 - Project "Creation and Promotion of Archaeological Thematic Park “Mezdra-Kaleto” and Information Center “Bulgarian – North-West".

2007-2008 - International archaeological summer field school "ANISTE - a Roman road station and villa".

2008-2011 - International archaeological summer field school "CONBUSTICA - a Roman military camp and Late Roman fortress".

2009-2012 - “Help to preserve the biggest archaeological site in Northern Bulgaria – CCOLONIA ULPIA TRAIANA RATIARIA”.

Archaeological sites and excavations launched and supported by Bulgarian Archaeological Association

Colonia Ulpia Traiana Ratiaria 2009-2012


Conbustica 2008-2011


Aniste 2007-2008


Mezdra 2003-2007


Augustae 2003


Zaminets 2003

Ochin dol

Ochin dol 2002


Ohoden 2002-2005


Harmanly 2000