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UNESCO World Heritage Volunteers 2017 - Frontiers of the Roman Empire - The Danube Limes in Bulgaria

The project is meant to endorse the protection of the cultural site by cleaning, documenting and promoting the preserved archaeological and architectural structures. It aims at involving local communities into preservation actions in order to get a better understanding of cultural heritage as a part of their national history and to foster regional development. It should allow future site protecting actions by involving international attention through the assistance of young volunteers. It will also encourage local authorities to elaborate and develop appropriate projects preserving and opening the cultural monument to the world.

Open for applications


The world heritage site where the project will take place situates in the Morelos state, in central Mexico. The different villages line up from the bottom of the Popocatepetl volcano towards the northwest part of the state.

The volunteers will carry out in some of the ex-convents cleaning tasks in the atriums, cleaning of walls and doors, presentation of world heritage sites of their countries, conduct interviews to tourists and local inhabitants and propose ludic awareness raising activities to the importance of protecting the heritage.

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In the summer of 2017 once again we run the CONBUSTICA project. This is an amazing archaeological site where every day we find something interesting and unexpected. Conbustica is THE ONLY military camp in Moesia preserved in its original look with wooden and clay construction of the soldiers contubernium (tents), main streets and fortification system. Conbustica is THE ONLY place still hiding the big question "How the Romans succeeded to conquered the world?"

For the seventh year already we will continue to keep the tradition of free voluntary access for everyone who wanst to help reveal the secrets of Conbustica. We need your support! All this years the team of Bulgarian Archaeological Association was working for free and we will continue doing. We welcome all volunteers and we're grateful for your help.

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With a territory of 111,000 square kilometers and population of 7 million, Bulgaria holds more than 200 museums and about 100 000 archaeological sites. Here can be seen preserved ancient cities, medieval fortresses and historical places. With its 8 000 years history Bulgaria keeps evidences for almost all periods known in Europe. Is there a better place to studying Archaeology?

This program will guide the students and the volunteers through different periods and places. Within 14 days we will visit 16 towns and 34 open air monuments, archaeological sites and museums. In addition our participants will enjoy the beautiful nature, excellent food and the famous Bulgarian hospitality.

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The main goal of the project is to acquaint students with the basic methods of archaeological records of Roman pottery. We will examines how Romans used their pottery and the implications of these practices on the archaeological record. During the course participants will work with authentic Roman shards.